Sabry takes a meeting to deceive the world! Lies about Reconciliation and ATA

Foreign Minister Ali Sabri has said that a cabinet sub-committee has been established to create national harmony through three steps.

The minister said this during a discussion with Ambassadors and High Commissioners of foreign missions recently.

Ali Sabry said ”The first area is to implement the 13th amendment to obtain support from other parties in parliament and reach a broad consensus to give all Sri Lankans the dignity and respect they deserve. The second area involves some executive actions. Including speaking to all parties before amending the Prevention of Terrorism Act (ATA) to meet international standerds.”

However, an anti-terrorism bill has already been gazzeted. Its international standard notwithstanding, even a man’s right to speak is restricted.

If the international community is deceived by these lies, they are of no use. So far Sri Lankan civil society has sent a letter to the international community about ATA.

This is a big joke because even now the government is acting in a manner that does not bring about national harmony in practice. On April 9th, the police came to an inter-faith iftar program at Golfface and pressured them to recite Islamic religious texts, just like the tamils were told to say ‘Baldiya’ Back in 80s. After that, those they thought were non-Muslims were removed.

Apart from that, Monks went with security guards to north and tried to build temples in northern lands with pistols pointed at tamils and muslims.

That is how they are making national reconciliation.

Former Bar asociation chair Saliya Peiris wrote in facebook,

He had mentioned as the third step to establish a ‘truth-finding mechanism’. This government is run by the strength of army, police, and the Rajapaksa’s political clan.

The truth is not revealed because the truth is not good for such people. The Ranil Wickremesinghe government will keep the truth suppressed as much as possible to get the support of the military and Rajapaksas.

At present, Sri Lanka is not paying its debts and because of receiving some foreign loans, the economy is not at the same level as it was last year. But since there is no proper growth plan and many reforms are being carried out that will further shrink the economy, there is no possibility of contry emerging more strongly in the future. All loans including IMF must be repaid.

Sri Lanka is in a hellish interval.

In such a background, the government is doing this to prepare for the next presidential election by making the most of the current pause. Ranil Wickremesinghe’s government has planned to attract a section of the Sinhala speaking people by saying that Ranil is building the economy, and to appeal to the Tamil people by hanging national reconciliation over there heads.

It is an extension of that plan to form the big ass cabinet to support the presidential election campaign and get the support of all parties.

The question is whether people will be fooled by these lies again.