Siridhamma Thero is ill and his brother was not allowed to visit him

Galwewa Siridhamma Thero has been hospitalized as he is ill from the dengue virus. His brother, Siri Sumedha Thero has written on Facebook that when he went to see his brother at the hospital, police officers did not give him permission to visit him.

Siridhamma Thero was admitted to the National Hospital on October 25, after he contracted the dengue virus, was not given any medicine, and was being detained at the Terrorist Investigation Department (TID) Head Office for nearly 5 days. He was admitted to the 49th ward of the National Hospital.

It was revealed that Siridhamma Thero was ill when his sister went to the Colombo TID Unit to see him last Saturday.

She said that she went to see her brother at around 11AM and that unlike earlier, she had to wait for an hour to see him. Before she went to the place, Siridhamma Thero had been made to sit on a chair with about 5 police officers sitting near the table.

“Usually, the Thero is brought after I go there. But this time he was brought in and seated on a chair before I went inside. He was wearing a mask. When I looked at his face, I saw that he was scared. I asked why. That’s when he said he had fever. When asked if he had taken medicine, he said no.”

On October 25, Siri Sumedha Thero, the brother of Siridhamma Thero, had stated on his Facebook page that he was not allowed to see his brother.

‘Today (25) I went to the Colombo National Hospital to see Siridhamma Thero a little while ago. The TID and police are there. The officials there told us that no one is allowed to visit. But I kept asking to see him because I am his brother. His fever has gotten worse. He was being tested to see if he is dengue positive. The blood report had not come yet. We gave him some food and drinks, but he said that it was difficult to eat.

He should have been admitted to the hospital earlier before his illness got worse. I only found out that he was ill because my sister went to see him. Neither the TID nor the police informed our family or the university.

He was brought to the hospital today with his face covered, as if he were a serious criminal. They showed no care about his illness. They are treating him in such an inhumane manner without even considering his basic human rights. Do you even treat an animal this way when it is sick? That is what I am asking. This is a big problem. I’m wondering why we are still waiting to see what happens. Sridhamma Thero talked about people’s problems. So I’m asking the people of this country to raise your voices regarding this.

-Siri Sumedha Thero (Siridhamma Thero’s younger brother)-‘