Human Rights Commission deems Wasantha’s and Siridhamma Thero’s imprisonment a violation of basic human rights

The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) has issued a press notice on October 26 stating that the continued imprisonment of Wasantha Mudalige and Galwewa Siridhamma Thero is “unreasonable and without justification” and that it’s a violation of their fundamental rights granted by the constitution.

The press release was signed by the chairperson of the HRCSL, retired Supreme Court Judge, Justice Rohini Marasinghe and Commissioner of the HRCSL, Anusuya Shanmuganathan.

Wasantha and Ven. Siridhamma have been imprisoned for 90 days. When a director and deputy director of the HRCSL visited them on October 25, they found the Thero to be ill and that his conditioned had worsened, requiring hospitalization. Siridhamma Thero has been admitted to the National Hospital in Colombo.

The HRCSL has stated that Wasantha and Ven. Siridhamma can be prosecuted under general law, and that imprisoning them under the PTA is “wholly without justification.” The HRCSL has still not received a report on the investigation by the TID.

The Commission added that continuing to imprison and harass Wasantha and Ven. Siridhamma is an impediment to the public’s freedom of expression and peaceful assembly and recommended that they should no longer be detained because investigations can still be carried out.