Teachers and principals boycott Nimal Siripala’s ceremony

Minister of Ports, Shipping and Aviation, Nimal Siripala intervened in a field that does not concern him and prepared an expensive political ceremony claiming that it was an appreciation of students who excelled at the A-level examination. He forced teachers and principals in the region to attend this ceremony, putting them in a difficult position. The Ceylon Teachers and Principals Trade Union Alliance has issued a statement that teachers and principals have boycotted the event in protest.

The event was to be held on October 23 at Mahiyangana National School.

The Ceylon Teachers and Principals Trade Union Alliance has stated in their announcement that they strongly object to how teachers and principals were forced to participate in the event and that the evaluation of students should follow a standard process without the interference of politicians.

They have further stated that that these politicians, who are directly responsible for the economic crisis in the country, continue to think like fools and work for their narrow political interests.