Open answer to Ranil who sees protesters as Prabhakaran and children as shields.

Ranil Wickremesinghe wants to label peaceful protesters as ‘terrorists’ and kill them. That’s why Ranil sees peaceful protesters in this country as Prabhakaran. He said so publicly. We have a strong answer to this statement. This is not just a story about children. It’s about the evil, murderous, and cruel desires of Ranil Wickremesinghe, who is in power at the will of a small group of people and is deeply afraid of the people, that were highlighted in a speech he gave on October 12.

Ranil said:

“We must stop bringing small children to demonstrations. Now they are bringing them not because there is no one at home. To act as a shield like Prabhakaran did. To tell the police to stop. At this rate, everyone will start bringing children. Next, university students, too, will bring their children.”

What does this tell us about Ranil Wickremesinghe, the vile man who became president by playing a rogue game because he could never get people’s votes?

Ranil Wickremesinghe is not really a man of great knowledge although he piled up books and wears a coat. Else he would know that that conversation came and ended in the nineteen sixties in the world. It should also be known that the United Nations gave recognition to the climate protests made by very young children and allowed Greta Thunberg to address the United Nations summits. The American movement called the Birmingham Campaign was implemented in the sixties by the civil rights movement to fight for rights of African Americans in the country. We will discuss this later.

In the late eighties, Ranil Wickremesinghe illegally allocated houses belonging to a housing scheme under his control, built the Batalanda concentration camp, and ran it, as the Batalanda Commission revealed in later. If you search for that commission report on the internet and read it, you will understand the extent of Ranil’s cruelty.

Today, Ranil says that the protesters are using children as a ‘shield’ and that protesters are like Prabhakaran.

How does Ranil see the protester? He sees protesters as a group that should be ‘attacked and destroyed’. Ranil contemplates how to deploy the police and beat them. Ranil must have thought that if the protestors are with children, he can’t attack them.

When we see a drum, we feel like beating it. If a cloth is tied around the drum’s eye, to remove it and feel it. Food makes you want to eat. If there is an obstacle, you feel like removing it.

Now when Ranil sees opposition, he feels like attacking them by deploying jackals like Roshan Dias, Nalin Dilruk, and Sagara Liyanage through Deshabandu Tennakoon. That’s where the problem lies. Peaceful protests need not be attacked. Be prepared to accept that it’s the people’s right. Ranil! The problem lies with you and your brutal police forces, not with the people on the streets.

These are not Ranil’s children. Not only does Ranil have no children, he also doesn’t care about children. Being childless is not a problem. However, a leader who cares about children will not lead the country to this destruction.

However, these children are not hired from anywhere. The picture that Ranil’s trying to paint is not accurate. These are the real children of the people on the streets. The parents of those children are more concerned about their welfare than an idiotic ruler like Ranil.

Ranil Wickremesinghe sees the constitutionally ensured rights of a citizen of this country as the work of Prabhakaran. His comparison of peaceful protestors to Prabhakaran reveals his horrible fascist attitudes.

That is why he labeled today’s youth as ‘terrorists’ and imprisoned them under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. Hashan Jeevantha, a university student who was imprisoned for 50 days and treated like a ‘terrorist’, has now been released and is trying to catch up on the academic work he missed.

Even now, Ranil’s brutal police forces are chasing many people including us, sniffing around to see how to take revenge on these people.

The Birmingham campaign we mentioned earlier was done by bringing children to the streets in an organized manner. It was a great historic victory for black fighters including Martin Luther King. Even today they teach about that Birmingham campaign in American schools. Children are taught the value of protesting and the importance of standing up for their rights.

Yes, perhaps the children come to protest not because they want to, but because mom and dad do.

But getting a small child to participate in this kind of activity will help the child’s survival tremendously. We explained more about it in the previous video. We request that you watch it and share it with others.