High Security Zones will not be withdrawn? What they plan to tell Supreme Court instead

Contrary to the news Lankadeepa reported regarding the repealing of High Security Zones, Jamila Hussain of the Daily Mirror has written that there is a plan to win the court’s support towards these zones by presenting reasons for designating them to the Supreme Court.

To win over the Supreme Court, the government is going to fabricate a story that ‘investigations revealed that the Supreme Court was also to be occupied’. They are attempting to turn the Supreme Court against the struggle saying that it has gone against the Supreme Court.

Citing ‘sources in high places’, Hussain writes that they are going to tell the Supreme Court that based on ‘information received’ during investigations, a ‘second phase’ of the struggle is imminent. The Supreme Court is to be told that High Security Zones were designated as a precaution against this ‘second phase’.

Based on this, there may also be plans to state many other things at court, passing them off as investigation reports.