Our time is up! President should form a government with the 134 that voted for him, Namal says

Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa told the media that Ranil Wickremesinghe was given time to form an all-party government, but as it is not going to happen, he should form a government with the 134 MPs from Pohottuwa who voted for his Presidency.

Namal said that even the parties that proposed the creation of an all-party government do not support it anymore.

He said that it’s not appropriate to postpone the political stabilization of the country at this time; therefore, Ranil should form a stable government with the 134 MPs who elected him President.

Namal also said that Ranil is the only person who can get the country back on the right path and that his party has decided to support him. He added that Ranil has more political experience than Dallas Alahapperuma, who also ran for President, and that maturity in dealing with the international community is extremely important.

“If we wanted to get our legal cases removed in any way, they would have been removed when our uncle [Gotabaya Rajapaksa] was President. Even though my uncle was President for two and a half years, all my 19 cases are still there. Our judiciary is independent, and we have no desire to politically interfere with the independence of the judiciary.

We gave Ranil the opportunity to form an all-party government and discuss this with any other party. But what we see is that even those who proposed an all-party government do not agree with it today. Therefore, what President Ranil Wickremesinghe should do now is not to focus on all 255 MPs. There are 134 MPs who voted him into the Presidency. He should form a stable government with those ministers and find solutions to this country’s problems.”